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Now there’s more to it; there are more connections and I’m very excited. And yesterday I spent a lot of time researching, possibly more than writing. But after that I was very much aware of him catching glances of me while I scarfed down my quesadilla. If I was with someone and noticed a guy, alone…would I have the guts to chat with him? I can see it as one solid piece, a gleaming thing that makes all the points that I want it to make. I will finish a draft, as I’ve got four total**, and I will finish this one. And since I’m saying, hey, I want my condo Sure thing. I’ve never seen them before, but there are several condos up there. I don’t care, as long as there’s room to dance…;) The dark and Indian kulfi hot chocolates were like a dream. And here I am, back at home; it’s just now in the morning and I am back to being regular! I got too much momentum to sit here another moment. **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC: *My childhood best friend told me that if I say “rabbit rabbit rabbit” before speaking when you wake up in the first day of the year, you’ll have good luck. Long hair, long gown–ya know, typical Faery Queen stuff. In the weeks of constant writing, preparing Book I for your readership, I’ve been confined to computer screen.

She’s…it’s as if she’s haunting me…ROCHELLE: Huh, I knew I shouldn’t have shared this with Toby. I call them “Medium Migraines.” It used to happen to me as a teenager, back in New Orleans. and I have no idea how this girl might be connected to present day…Mémère raised me in the Voodoo tradition.You might say, “If you think you can do anything, then why didn’t you do it? ” Because I lived the refining of manifestion, learning the subtlties of creation. ” Lolling around on the couch like a slug under salt. Was that really what I wanted when I was ten, to be a published author? “Ugh, I’m supposed to pick a college…I don’t even know what I want…life is so hard! ” My mom barely paused from whatever she was doing. It was titled Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting (which I lovingly covered with my teenage-funky-design and keep to this day). And the more you do that, the more flavors you’ll have to savor. About a slave girl on a plantation in Louisiana, outside New Orleans somewhere.My brothers and I, we all grew up in a small shotgun house on Flood Street in the Ninth Ward. Anyway, I fear I’ve got to figure out how these dreams are related to… Does it make you think about how you might be enslaved? (Laughs) I enjoy considerable freedoms compared to this slave girl, named Kehinde.

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I breathed, and the tree blinked…another, and another. : The Story expanding, one point of light at a time, in the metaphorical idea of a tree, a network of life; starting as a dream and materializing like the lush of summer growth. My housemate also announced this morning it’s National Outdoors Day. I start drafting what is now I now understand that premonition was the incredible energy of Story Creates and now.