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Xcx webvam

As it is, it didn't take more than three full listens for this song's many interlocking mini-hooks to win me over.

That same unresolved, barely-there quality in Michaels's songwriting didn't stop Selena Gomez's "Good for You" and "Hands to Myself" from going Top 10 in 20, and I have a feeling that once everyone gets used to the idea of Michaels as a pop star — whether it's with this song or the next one — she'll be right back there in 2017.

It feels like the beat is supposed to be building to something greater, and then it never really does.

Does the level of self-satisfaction here counteract the fact that they made it work?Or, at the very least, I watched the whole thing and thought it captured something I love about Thug (if not about the wacky world of music videos) — that sometimes, opting out entirely is its own art form. Félix: I dislike this treatment and have a lot of disdain for the thinking behind it. Maybe the directors thought they were demystifying something about the process behind shooting B-roll that didn't already teach us, but they're wrong. I like a good meta video, but this is snotty and just distracts from the great song.I'm happy the footage is out only because we get to peek into Thug's wonderfully twisted brain. Feels more like a director bro’s reel cut to a Young Thug song than a Young Thug video.Maybe it’s the overused trap-snapple-pop beat or her relatively tepid relationship woes. I was itching for a real drop or increase, which never happened.The song is just , in that it serves the purpose of introducing Michaels to mainstream audiences as a vocalist, but that’s about it. Félix: Yeah, I have to agree that the sweet drawl Michaels uses to sing about some sort of domestic unhappiness is unsettling! Either way, the transition from songwriter to singer is not an easy one, and not something any woman has done in pop recently with much success besides Sia.

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