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In the many productions on which we have worked together, she has not only done an extraordinary job finding talent but she has always run organized auditions with efficiency, organization, time sensitivity, and respect for both clients and talent.

On top of that, Carol is a smart, upbeat, positive team member.

This is no easy feat; it is a result of Carols theater, movie and commercial experience. Carol has been much more than a casting person that we call on occasion at Refinery.

Carol is a creative partner, someone whose insights and expertise we have come to rely on time after time. I feel so taken care of, and in such good hands when Carol is handling the casting on one of our projects. Carol Hanzel is a highly talented casting director and a pleasure to work with.

A US-based private voluntary organisation, World Education has been active in environmental education, community development, maternal & child health, school governance, integrated literacy, small enterprise development, HIV & AIDS education and prevention & care, and refugee training since 1951.

Moris Rasik has commenced a wide-ranging and intensive process of change in its legal status and operations.

This is to comply with new Central Bank of Timor-Leste regulations requiring all non-bank financial institutions to seek registration and licensing as an “Other Deposit Taking Institution” (ODTI).

With the overarching goal of empowering and educating women in rural Timor-Leste to improve the way they manage their money and to develop skills in building their microenterprises, the activity aims to facilitate increased household income and, consequently, community wellbeing.

The characters Carol helped us cast have gone on to become some of the most recognizable and endearing characters in preschool television today. When I first think about casting, I think of Carol Hanzel.

I know she will understand the scope and scale of a project.

Being consistent with the national emphasis on the role of a strong small & medium enterprise presence in the Timor-Leste economy, we are confident the investment of the US.6 million grant from NZAid into the skills and knowledge required to increase the productivity and profitability of family-based farming will make a significant contribution to our country’s development.

Moris Rasik has engaged the expertise of World Education as our implementing partner.

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She provides a director with a smorgasbord of possibilities and ideas and has the insight and discretion to know when to let the director do his work. Its not every day that we set out on a hunt for a perfect opera singing guinea pig, turtle and duckling.