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The importance of sharing is emphasized in Mundari upbringing and the young learn to be generous by constantly exchanging pipes, necklaces, or bracelets, and passing on to others anything that is not immediately needed.

Political Organisation and Traditional Authority Mundari country is divided into independent village-chiefdoms.

A landowning lineage - varying in size from about 15 to over 50 adult males - live in a chain of hamlets with each hamlet under a family head.

A hamlet is occupied by an elder, his married sons with their dependants and as many maternal relatives who have settled with them.

They are bordered to the north by the Bor Dinka at Pariak and to the south by the Bari of Juba at the Ku'da River.

NILOTIC BOYS NILOTIC BOYS: Mandari tribal boys waited by the Nile River for boats with the day’s catch to arrive in Terekeka, South Sudan, Monday.

The soil is predominantly clay-based, causing drainage and water retention problems, and provides a very fertile basis in support of cattle grazing.

Mundari man washing his face with Cattle urine The main settlements in Mundariland are Terekeka, Mongalla, Gemaiza, Muni, Tombek, Tindalo, Tali, Rego, Rokon, Koweri and Ku'da.

This belief helps shape one’s life and social behaviour.Mundari kid at Cattle Camp The Mundari are divided into three sections namely: The earlier indigenous population The Bora The groups of immigrants into Mundari who have gradually succeeded in establishing powerful chiefdoms. Mundari people Environment, Economy and Natural Resources Mundari-land is wooded savannah lying on both sides of the River Nile.The western part is drained by numerous seasonal and perennial streams and becomes swampy during the rainy season.It is believed that the grumbling and annoyance of mean people arouse will make them ill.Unsociable behaviour in prominent elders such as habitually eating at home instead of sharing their food in the hamlet kraal, evokes criticism.

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The original clans whose origin can not be traced mixed with the Bora who are believed to have broken off from the other Bari-speaking groups.

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