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The woman whose situation motivated one of my favourite quotations in the Bible “let he who has no sin cast the first stone”?I have always wondered how this woman’s partner managed to so neatly stay out of the picture.And if the people that dragged that woman before Jesus were to be miraculously brought to life today, they would be positively overwhelmed by how much their own mindsets would resonate with those of most of the people commenting on the video.I find it interesting, the gendered way in which “morality” is generally invoked.

Kevin Bollaert of San Diego, Calif., was recently convicted of operating one of the copycat sites and now faces up to 20 years in prison.And we don't expect to be.” “That is why you never use your work email on another site,” Davis told The infamous owner and operator of revenge porn website Is Anyone Up[dot]com has plead guilty to hacking into email accounts and stealing explicit images.The charges he currently faces have a maximum penalty of two to five years in prison.When it comes to issues of “morality”, there is quite something to be said about male immunity against being tried and condemned in the courts of public opinion…and women’s lack of such immunity.

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He was never named and shamed and definitely he was never considered deserving of judgement and the anticipated punishment that would have followed had Jesus not set a new standard on the inappropriateness of a flawed human being judging another.